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"The Man Who Had To Mind The House"
Hand puppets

This is a very funny Jewish folk tale that takes place in the mythical city of Chelm. A city founded, built, and managed by all the most ridiculous people in the world. This is also the story of the family, Shlemiel. Mrs. Shlemiel is upset because her husband spends all day doing nothing and complicating her life while she cares for the house and baby. He thinks she has an easy job. One Hanukkah she gets extra busy and has to run some last minute errands after finishing the special jam for the holiday celebration. So....she has to rely upon her husband to do three things for her. 1) Make sure the baby doesn't fall out of it's crib. 2) Keep the rooster from escaping because it might be that night's dinner. 3) Do not eat the Hanukkah jam. She then also tells him a fib that the jam is poisoned, and that is an extra special reason to leave it alone. She leaves and the madness descends on the cottage. While trying to stop a band from practicing outside the baby's window, Mr. Shlemiel stands on the cradle and tips the baby out....the rooster flies out the opened window....and in an act of desperation and despair: HE EATS THE JAM. And then the fun really begins! A funny Jewish lesson fable presented in the style of Punch & Judy! Not suitable for all ages, but great for older kids.

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