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"Rabbit & Coyote Are Friends?"
Hand & Rod Puppets

Why do Coyotes howl? Why can Rabbit be seen on the moon? When did these two animals start playing tricks on each other? Why can't the Moon marry the Sun? These questions will all be answered by this classic Mexican fairy tale. You'll laugh while Mice do a Mexican hat dance, Rabbit & Coyote chase each other, and a Catus shows off his chicken dance. Based on a popular children's book, The Puppet Company takes you to the crazy world of Rabbit and Coyote. Poor Coyote, no matter how much he wants to trust Rabbit, the tricky creature is always getting the best of him. A lively tale full of color, and with a upbeat soundtrack featuring the music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass! Puppet fun for the whole family! Olé!

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