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"Three Brave Deeds"
Hand & Rod Puppets

Based on three Native American short legends. This is the story of a young brave named Yuki, who has to complete three brave deeds in order to become a member of his tribe and bring prosperity to his people. Tatanga Mani, the tribes Shaman, sends him on his journey. His three deeds are simple: 1) Get a tail feather from Huya the eagle, 2) a strip of fur from Mato the bear, and 3) Release Tate Wyopayata, the West Wind, from the trap of Mica the Coyote.  Each of these accomplishments will teach him to be a stronger individual.  But in order to do these things, he has to learn how to get along with others and his many animal friends.  A wonderful tale for the whole family!  Complete with majestic music and breathtaking scenery.

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