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"The Puppet Circus!"
Hand, Rod, & Marionettes

"The Puppet Circus" combines three forms of puppets: hand, rod, and marionettes. With over 30 puppets in the circus, there's something for everyone! The Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus features clowns, a tight rope walking bear, elephants, lions, and a large opening circus parade. This show was based on actual circus acts that Randal was able to work with when he traveled for two years as the puppeteer in a small town traveling circus. This show is also great for fairs, festivals, assemblies, and largely attended functions. Book today your own miniature three-ring circus! Suitable for all ages.

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For ordering your own puppet creation or for more more information on scheduling a performance at your school or function, please call:

The Puppet Company at (510) 569-3144 (California)
"Entertainment for all ages!"