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"Fantasy on Strings!"

This is our most requested show. Using three feet tall, fully articulated marionettes, we take the children on a magical excursion, where they can meet up close and personal: dragons, disco dancing ducks, tap dancing skeletons, and other fanciful creations. Done in the style of "cabaret puppetry", where the audience sees the puppeteer dance and perform with the marionette in front of a curtained stage, this show presents puppetry in it's most exciting form. The children sit in a circle on the floor, and during the course of the show the puppets walk up to them and "interactively" perform for them and with them. Highlights include a dragon that lays an egg and a baby dragon in diapers hatches from it, as well as comical clowns and Jesters! "Fantasy on Strings" is very well suited for assemblies, fairs, festivals, and shopping malls. Relying on musical routines instead of story plot, the show has many surprises at each turn! See also "A Time To Be Jolly", listed under our Holiday Christmas Shows. Suitable for all ages. Note: There is a skeleton in the show. Although humorous - some small children are wary.

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